Wallace, Glynnis and Alan

We popped down to Cape Town to scatter Niel’s ashes. The ceremony was ‘officiated over’ by an ex PE and Alexander Road High ‘boy’ – Dave Cawood who demonstrated an empathy and love that was wonderful to witness.

Each of the attendees had a word or two to say about Niel. Of course the Straton clan were unable to hold back their tears and were joined by Carys et al in having a good cry.

My father-in-law, Niel Villet, became a father to me in the 30 years that I knew him and set an example that I will never be able to follow and yet will strive to do so – in all those years I never once heard him say a bad thing about anyone, he never skinnered and he always looked for the good in everyone (even me!).

Niel became a father and a friend and his memory will be cherished.

After the scattering of his ashes on Llandudno (off the rocks at the bottom of Sunset Avenue) we toasted his memory with some Johnny Walker Double Black (he would have whistled at the price!) and then popped off to High Tea at the 12 Apostles.

Later that evening we went to have sundowners with Glynnis’ cousin June and her husband Willie (visit The Pod to see their boutique hotel)  and the image below is of Wallace (Aunt Cecily’s husband), Glynnis and I at June and Willie’s place in Camps Bay.

Wallace, Glynnis and Alan

Wallace, Glynnis and Alan

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