Terminator Alarms

In the dim and distant past (circa 1989) Michael and I were involved with the installation of Burglar Alarms and our marketing strategy was one of being completely different so we marketed a range of wireless systems – manufactured locally in Durban. Pierre Halle was the developer.

In an indication of how demand, competition and advancing technology can drive prices down the price that we sold a basic system for then (R2 500) is still the same basic price for an installed burglar alarm system today – some 25 years later.

We learnt one big lesson – at that time no other burglar alarm company would monitor the burglar alarms of a competing company forcing us to establish our own monitoring division with one HUGE BUT – the monitoring software that we installed would recognise and display each alarm signal received by installer, allowing us to monitor other companies burglar alarms and (most importantly) phone out and communicate with the customer as X or Y Company.

It took a while for other companies to catch on allowing us to catch up.

And the reason for this reminiscence?

One of the guys who worked for us, Anton Swanepoel, established his own company – NSA Burglar Alarms – and recently sent me this image with the cryptic question; “Can’t remember why this rings a bell?”

Terminator Alarms

Terminator Alarms

I see that Pierre Halle is still involved with security manufacturing and has a company called Roboguard – an early warning system. Those keypads and universal transmitters look eerily similar to the Terminator’s break glass detectors.

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