What to do when stuff stops working on your WordPress site

I recently received get this frantic message from a client who owns a Guest House in Port Elizabeth; “My booking requests from my web site were non-existent for a couple of weeks and a regular client has just let me know that the booking form on my web site does not work!”

This Guest House web site runs on a Studiopress WordPress theme and utilises Gravity Forms for bookings. With any dynamic web site like WordPress one is required to check for plugin and core updates on a regular basis – if you don’t you run the real risk of your web site not running optimally and losing business.

Here is a quick user guide to solving such a problem:

  1. Get into the habit of checking that the dynamic portions of your site do work – like the booking and contact forms.
  2. If someone says a form does not work test it yourself.
  3. Do not always assume the worst if the form doesn’t work – check if an update is available as that will normally sort any problems out.
  4. If an update doesn’t work then it is possible that you have a conflict with one or other plugin and you will need to deactivate ALL your plugins except the one you have problems with and then check again.
  5. If the problem persists deactivate your theme and activate one of the standard WordPress themes.
  6. If that still does not work then revert to the plugin provider giving as much info as possible – WP version as well as plugins and versions used.
  7. Or you could pay your webmaster to do it for you.