Here’s how South African Investors can buy Twitter Shares

South African investors will now be able to trade on Twitter by opening an international account through IG’s South African office, following the listing of the micro-blogging giant on the New York Stock Exchange today.

Twitter is looking to raise in the region of $1.8 billion through the sale of 70 million shares (13% of total shares outstanding). An initial public offering at $26 a share would equate to a market capitalization in the region of $14 billion. At this stage it would appear that the IPO is fully subscribed as reported by news wires.

Shaun Murison, IG analyst commented “Initial thoughts tell us that there is a short-term euphoria surrounding technology and the social media space and perhaps we could see a significant rally. However the Facebook comparative would make investors nervous when we consider it’s near 50% price drop in the first week post IPO. Facebook at the time of listing was generating a profit which Twitter is not currently doing.”

The social media platform is attracting significant market speculation with post IPO share value highly anticipated. To follow the latest breaking news and expert market opinion surrounding the Twitter IPO visit: