More about Server Observer

Edward Labuschagne and Alan Straton started Server Observer as a way to publish those geeky articles that didn’t quite fit in any of Alan’s ‘My Complex‘ Spaces or Edward’s Photo Addict project.

Alan has been working online since 2001 and in 2005 started the online community news and business directory – MyPE – at the behest of an old school friend. MyPE continues to grow and evolve and keep him in beer money – Alan is very thirsty.

In addition to Photo Addict Edward also does does online tech support, SEO and Web Design so Server Observer is a decent manageable fit for him. Server Observer educates and comments on tech, social media, web hosting, web design and the internet industry. Edward, Alan and contributing authors write original articles to as well as curate from press releases.

Of course we want to share the love and are constantly open to articles from regular contributors. You can submit a single article for consideration or sign up to become an author.

At present we offer AUTHORS recompense in the form of a bit of fame and links back to your site/s or products. We accomplish this by creating an Author box and Archive for you – e.g. – the author box at the top of the archive links back to Alan’s writing on MyPE.

Have a look at the Author Box at the bottom of this article – – and click on each of the tabs to see what we do to ‘advertise’ you and your services.

We are exploring/looking to develop an elegant solution that will place each Author’s chosen advert next to each author’s article. We have trialled and rejected many advertising revenue share plugins and are open to further suggestions from the community.

Essentially what we achieve for each author is the creation of a space, from which any author will reap maximum benefit from in terms of showcasing his/her work, getting referrals and also earning a few bob on the side via display adverts.

See more and sign up here:

Essentially we are looking for authors who see the benefit of creating their own niche as an expert on an industry related platform.