Showing More than One Image in a WordPress Post

There are a number of ways to display a number of images in or at the end of your posts in WordPress.

Two of the easiest methods involve using the native WordPress Gallery that comes standard with your installation. With the installation of a lightbox gallery you can accomplish some nifty effects with little effort.

First, some preparation:

  1. Prepare your images – I like to make the images smaller before uploading and aim for a size of between 600 and 800 pixels maximum width, around 120 kilobytes in size and 85% jpeg quality to enhance the user experience with quick loading images.
  2. Check that you have one of the popular lightbox galleries installed – I use the Lightbox Gallery by Hiroaki Miyashita, a nice lightweight plugin that just works.

Adding your prepared images:

  1. Log in to WordPress
  2. Add new post
  3. When finished the text for your new post click on the ‘Add Media’ icon/link
  4. Select ‘From Computer’
  5. Find the folder where your images are stored and highlight/select each one you want to upload. Click ‘Open’ (or whatever your OS says).
  6. WordPress will now batch upload each selected image.
  7. Click on ‘Show’ next to each image in turn and add your ‘Title’, ‘Alternate Text’ and Caption.
  8. Once you have finished captioning all the images click on ‘Save all changes’
  9. Once you have saved all changes you will be presented with a list of all the images uploaded and a Gallery Settings dialogue box. Select the order and number of columns you desire and click on ‘Insert Gallery’
  10. Save and publish your post and have a look at your gallery to see if you are happy.
  11. Tweak if necessary

See image gallery below of each step as above: