So you wanna be an accountant?

Philip wrote his final exam for his BCom Accounting Honours course at the NMMU on Friday 17 October 2014.

His varsity career went like this:

  • 1st year – Human Movement Sciences – distinction after distinction after distinction and then a career crisis and a change to BCom accounting
  • 1st Year – Pass with flying colours
  • 2nd Year – Smooth Sailing
  • 3rd Year – Mountains of work and a degree
  • 4th (Honours) Year – 12 – 14 hours of work a day and we are sure of a good pass.

We thought it would be nice to illustrate the number of books and files required for the final year of a BCom Honours degree in Accounting with the image below:

Philip Straton Accounting Honours

So you wanna be an accountant?

Stupendous stuff, Philip – well done.

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