Setting Up Email Accounts Using Cpanel

You have just secured your domain and want to set up an email account.

In a Linux environment you will, in all likelihood have a web site control panel called Cpanel (DUH!). Your web hosting provider will provide you with a username and password to allow you to access Cpanel. This username and password combination is normally also used in your FTP client as well. FTP is a method to transfer files from your local machine to your web server.

Accessing Cpanel can be done in a number of ways:


are some examples.

To set up your email address do the following:

  1. Log in to your Cpanel using the username and password provided by your web host.
  2. In Cpanel click on the logo and hyperlink that says Email Accounts
  3. Fill in the required information and click Create Account.

Getting your email to work in your desktop email client:

The quickest method is to; add a new email account and use for the INCOMING mail server and your ISP’s SMTP server for the OUTGOING mail server (e.g. for Telkom it is

See for images.

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