Philip’s Birthday

From since the kids could talk birthdays in the Straton household have been an orgy of eating. The person celebrating their birthday gets to choose what they would like for Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Tea and Supper.

In the early days the Longhair and I would be on a permanent sugar high as we would start with pancakes smothered in caramel and nutella with a vanilla ice cream stuffing, followed by cupcakes and Fanta, Hot dogs for lunch, ice cream for dessert, Greek chocolate cake, chips and iced zoo biscuits with lashings of coke for tea and pizza for supper.

Well it seems as though we have moved on a bit from those days as we now have something relatively healthy for each meal.

For Philip’s 22nd birthday on 26 September we started with Alan’s Famous French Bread – two slices with a melted cheese and mustard centre, smothered in maple syrup. We skipped tea and played Putt Putt instead, popped into Bridge Street Brewery for a chocolate beer or two, had chicken tramezzinis for lunch, Belgian Amarula Chocolate Cake for tea and Sushi for supper. One of the celebrants started drinking his special whisky at 8:00 am though!

And we do it again next month for Binky’s 18th – cannot wait ………..

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Starting early with Auntie’s Big 5 birthday present.

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Sheepcakes from the cupcake lady.Shades of an accountants sheep life?

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

All smiles from Glynnis as she is in the lead at Putt Putt. I had to stop taking photos later, though….

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Brittany making like Tigress Woods.

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Duck – Kim is about to tee off!

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Too keen to stand still as Philip realises he has gone into the lead. Competitive much Phil?

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