Looking for a cost effective web site solution?

A new dynamic web site based on WordPress can be a very steep and daunting challenge for someone new to the platform and it’s requirements. Even experienced web designers sometimes struggle to keep up with the number of changes and upgrades.

Many people start off well and then make wrong decisions about templates, plugins and update requirements – those updates can come thick and fast and sometimes being too quick on the button can result in conflicts that take hours to sort out.

Then the challenges of writing or updating an article or updating an existing page brings the real possibility of losing rather than gaining visitors .

Add hosting, domain name management, social media, Search Engine Optimisation and analyses of visitor trends and it is no wonder that the path to marketing products on the internet is littered with the empty corpses and dreams of many.

After being fulltime on the internet since 2003 I have a cost effective one stop solution to offer anyone wanting a web site that works.

My web design, maintenance and hosting solution includes the following:

  1. Registration of a domain (in YOUR name);
  2. Choice from a growing number of Responsive Templates (one design, many devices – PC to Tablet to Smartphone);
  3. Installation of WordPress (WP);
  4. Installation of WP Plugins;
  5. Template re-design to client specifications, colour and logo;
  6. Installation and annual licensing of the Gravity Forms contact form;
  7. Hosting;
  8. Monthly WP Maintenance and Upgrades;
  9. Advice on posting articles and images;
  10. SEO advice;
  11. Email Setup;
  12. Analytics Setup;
  13. Post to Social Media Setup and Maintenance.

My solutions include all the above and, if I had to value the above services and products over three years with no escalations I get a figure of R10 800.00. My offer is simple: If you sign with me for two years then you pay R475.00 per month, if you sign for three years you pay R325.00 per month.

At the end of the period you decide if you want a complete re-design or not. If not then the monthly prices drop to the ruling price (currently R135.00 per month) which will include hosting, annual Gravity Forms updates and monthly WP core and Plugin Upgrades. If you want a complete redesign then we carry on at the ruling price of the day.

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You could expect to pay close to R10 000.00 and more just to get your web site off the ground:

  • Depending on the complexity some designs start at R3 500.00 and go on up past the R10 000.00 mark.
  • Decent plugins for WP are from R320.00 (the better ones then cost a per annum licensing fee)
  • Hosting can be found from R25.00 to R180.00 per month
  • Asking your web designer to do minor updates to the site and WP core and plugins can work out at R200.00 to R600.00 per hour
  • Search Engine Optimisation advice can also be expensive on an hourly basis

My solution offers you the following benefits:

  • No large upfront payment
  • A fixed monthly fee to take care of the technical stuff
  • Set and forget convenience
  • You will have a webmaster who is aware of his obligations on a monthly basis

The bad stuff:

  • If you move before the end of the agreed period then I will ask you to settle the outstanding.
  • If you move before the end of the agreed period then the design may not go with you and remains my intellectual property until paid for in full.

My added benefits:

I require a link back to www.MyPE.co.za in the footer of every page on your site either as a plain text link (which all web designers take as a matter of course) or RSS feed of latest articles (which actually will be good for your SEO and user experience).

The price choices:

  • R475.00 per month if you sign with me for two years
  • R325.00 per month if you sign for three years.
I tend to be picky and choosy about what I work on so please do not be offended if I turn you down!

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