Jonathan Butler – my first autograph

At my ripe old 40 something age I can finally say that on Friday 9 November 2012 I asked someone for their autograph FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.

As the Apprentice Longhair said; “Don’t worry Dad now you can share the excitement that I feel dreaming about getting a One Direction autograph!” I still don’t know if she was dissing me or not. Anyway, I still envy my kids for having such an awesome father!

You may well ask who the lucky object of my ‘autograph affection’ was? None other than Jonathan Butler – ex Cape Town, married to a Port Elizabeth lass, living in Los Angeles and who will be the first international artist to perform at the brand new Boardwalk Convention Centre on Thursday 20 and Saturday 22 December.

See: My Musical Journey for more info.

See: That Jonathan Butler Album for more info.

Jonathan Butler and Alan Straton

Jonathan Butler and Alan Straton

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