Forget Social Media – FIX your website

As a business person selling a product you need to make sure that your web site is a true reflection of what your product offering is.

I present the screen grab below of what your web site SHOULDN’T look like:

Forget Social Media

Forget Social Media – FIX your website. The greyed out area was the sales pitch. The rest of what you see SHOULD be deleted. Why advertise other people’s products on YOUR website?

All this web site says to me is that the owner doesn’t really think that he or she will actually make money out of his/her product so Plan B to Plan Z is to surround the sales pitch with adverts from other businesses that MAY earn the website owner a few cents.

I know that this website owner is pretty active on social media and wonder if he/she would be offended if we suggested a little clean up and re-alignment of the marketing message?

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