Dear Twitter – Apply the KIST Principle

In the automotive world marketers place all kinds of bling on and into vehicles nearing the end of their life cycle. Limited editions, mag wheels, go faster stripes, red leather seats, carpets on the dashboard, oranges on the aerial………

Twitter recently announced a slew of new features:

Instant Timeline: To help ease Twitter’s new user retention problem, users will be presented with a full stream of content quickly during the on-boarding process — an Instant Timeline — even if they haven’t followed anyone yet.

Timeline Highlights: Twitter is testing a “While you were away” feature in the mobile app.

SEO & Google: Twitter says it is doing more to increase the amount of traffic it attracts from Google and search engines.

DM Features: Twitter will give users the ability to share and discuss tweets privately via Direct Message.

Native Video: Currently Twitter’s native motion picture options are limited to animated GIFs, six-second Vines and video from publishers and major brands, but in the first half of 2015 it will give users the ability to record, edit and upload video on the network.

Quick Promote: Twitter is in the early stages of testing a streamlined ad campaign launcher for marketers who don’t have the time or inclination to dig into the complexities of the regular ad platform.

These features are horribly similar to an end of life cycle motor vehicle feature set:

Instant Timeline: To help ease the purchaser onto the road all vehicles come with a full tank of petrol

Timeline Highlights: A sexy voice prompt will welcome the driver back into the vehicle.

SEO & Google: A snazzy paint job to get the driver noticed.

DM Features: An exclusive owners only lounge at each dealer.

Native Video: A free DVD player.

Quick Promote: All bakkies come with a free canopy.

Yes, you know it – we have all bought a new vehicle that has been around for ages based on one or more of the above only to see a brand new version reach the dealer a few months later.

The questions have to be asked; Do you really know why you use Twitter? Are you getting a good return on your investment? Will the new features make you engage more?

Personally I find it tiresome to wade through my timeline – hence my determination to not follow anyone, choosing rather to engage via @notifications and usine tools to curate hashtags – like #PortElizabeth which presents the PortElizabeth hashtag on ONE page from a host of social media sites.

Adding more features demands a greater amount of time and smells a lot like adding bling.

KIST – Keep It Simple Twitter.

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