In this connected world we have so many contact points and so many tools available to the public to ‘stalk’ someone that it is difficult to contact someone in a meaningful and productive manner.

The best way to contact me is still via e-mail. I ignore many of the other mediums available to us as ‘connected humans’.

Contacting me on a personal level is a little bit like a relationship:

Pique my interest with a compelling email via one of the many contact forms available on my too many web sites – not too short, to the point and no gushing please

Try or or

  1. I will reply – eventually – and then we can slowly get to know each other, no rush
  2. When you graduate to getting my mobile number then we can explore more
  3. When you graduate to actually being in my contact list on my mobile then stuff gets interesting
  4. Actual ring tones (not mute) is reserved for my immediate family and that ONE special person in my life – so if you are reading this (Claire, Mom, Michael, Nikki, Bronwyn, Philip, Brittany) then just KNOW that you are the elite, the special ones.

Let the games begin!