Tracey Curtis-Taylor

Had the pleasure of meeting female aviator Tracey Curtis-Taylor when she stopped over in Port Elizabeth on her flight in an open cockpit plane flying from Cape Town to Goodwood, England – in the footsteps (wingtips?) of Lady Mary Heath who did the journey back in 1928.

See the articles below for more info and images:

Tracy Curtis-Taylor and Alan Straton

Tracy Curtis-Taylor and Alan Straton. Photo: Mike Sheehan (thanks Mike)

Jonathan Butler – my first autograph

At my ripe old 40 something age I can finally say that on Friday 9 November 2012 I asked someone for their autograph FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.

As the Apprentice Longhair said; “Don’t worry Dad now you can share the excitement that I feel dreaming about getting a One Direction autograph!” I still don’t know if she was dissing me or not. Anyway, I still envy my kids for having such an awesome father!

You may well ask who the lucky object of my ‘autograph affection’ was? None other than Jonathan Butler – ex Cape Town, married to a Port Elizabeth lass, living in Los Angeles and who will be the first international artist to perform at the brand new Boardwalk Convention Centre on Thursday 20 and Saturday 22 December.

See: My Musical Journey for more info.

See: That Jonathan Butler Album for more info.

Jonathan Butler and Alan Straton

Jonathan Butler and Alan Straton

Brittany turns 18

As is the norm in the Straton household this birthday was about …………. food.

  • Fruit salad and Muesli for breakfast
  • Nachos for Lunch AND
  • Sushi for Supper.

BUT, not any sushi for our special daughter’s birthday – we took the day off and made fresh sushi at home – there was lots of whistling when we saw that the salmon is more expensive per kilo than crayfish!

You may want to try this at home:

  • Instead of Kewpie Mayonnaise we used Hellmans Light
  • On some of the prawn and crab rolls we added fresh coriander for an eastern twist – quite refreshing
  • For the first time ever I used a rice cooker and it was very successful.
Britany Straton

Happy 18th birthday Binky


Sushi for an army


Sushi – Salmon, Crab, Prawns

Philip’s Birthday

From since the kids could talk birthdays in the Straton household have been an orgy of eating. The person celebrating their birthday gets to choose what they would like for Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Tea and Supper.

In the early days the Longhair and I would be on a permanent sugar high as we would start with pancakes smothered in caramel and nutella with a vanilla ice cream stuffing, followed by cupcakes and Fanta, Hot dogs for lunch, ice cream for dessert, Greek chocolate cake, chips and iced zoo biscuits with lashings of coke for tea and pizza for supper.

Well it seems as though we have moved on a bit from those days as we now have something relatively healthy for each meal.

For Philip’s 22nd birthday on 26 September we started with Alan’s Famous French Bread – two slices with a melted cheese and mustard centre, smothered in maple syrup. We skipped tea and played Putt Putt instead, popped into Bridge Street Brewery for a chocolate beer or two, had chicken tramezzinis for lunch, Belgian Amarula Chocolate Cake for tea and Sushi for supper. One of the celebrants started drinking his special whisky at 8:00 am though!

And we do it again next month for Binky’s 18th – cannot wait ………..

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Starting early with Auntie’s Big 5 birthday present.

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Sheepcakes from the cupcake lady.Shades of an accountants sheep life?

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

All smiles from Glynnis as she is in the lead at Putt Putt. I had to stop taking photos later, though….

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Brittany making like Tigress Woods.

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Duck – Kim is about to tee off!

Philip's Birthday 26 September 2013

Too keen to stand still as Philip realises he has gone into the lead. Competitive much Phil?

Celebrating 10 years of WordPress

First I used B2 Evolution and then WordPress – I suppose a bit like Betamax v VHS or Vimeo v YouTube when the ‘better’ option was trounced by better marketing. In the case of VHS I believe it was as a result of widespread adoption by the porn industry and in the case of YouTube as a result of a massive injection of Google money. That Google is known as a ‘porn fighter’ may or may not have anything to do with this.

You will find more statistics at Statista

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Wallace, Glynnis and Alan

We popped down to Cape Town to scatter Niel’s ashes. The ceremony was ‘officiated over’ by an ex PE and Alexander Road High ‘boy’ – Dave Cawood who demonstrated an empathy and love that was wonderful to witness.

Each of the attendees had a word or two to say about Niel. Of course the Straton clan were unable to hold back their tears and were joined by Carys et al in having a good cry.

My father-in-law, Niel Villet, became a father to me in the 30 years that I knew him and set an example that I will never be able to follow and yet will strive to do so – in all those years I never once heard him say a bad thing about anyone, he never skinnered and he always looked for the good in everyone (even me!).

Niel became a father and a friend and his memory will be cherished.

After the scattering of his ashes on Llandudno (off the rocks at the bottom of Sunset Avenue) we toasted his memory with some Johnny Walker Double Black (he would have whistled at the price!) and then popped off to High Tea at the 12 Apostles.

Later that evening we went to have sundowners with Glynnis’ cousin June and her husband Willie (visit The Pod to see their boutique hotel)  and the image below is of Wallace (Aunt Cecily’s husband), Glynnis and I at June and Willie’s place in Camps Bay.

Wallace, Glynnis and Alan

Wallace, Glynnis and Alan

Looking for a cost effective web site solution?

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My ‘My Complex’

A kind of sort of list of the My Sites:

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Progress on the Afrikaans Translation

Edward Labuschagne and I are busy helping out with a tranlation into Afrikaans for the Wysija WordPress Newletter plug invisit MyPE and sign up for one of the newletters there to see how awesome the Wysija (What You Send Is Just Awesome) really is. At the time of writing we had completed 54% of the translation using Transifex.

Top translations: wysija » current-version


The language spread of Afrikaans in the world ...

The language spread of Afrikaans in the world according to Ethnologue 15th and other resources, percentage of speakers in total population. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I purchased the domain in 2006 and did nothing with it until yesterday. Here then is Fark which actually is quite farking addictive – you never really know what you are going to read next ………

Fark – quite addictive despite my obvious bias!