Brittany turns 18

As is the norm in the Straton household this birthday was about …………. food.

  • Fruit salad and Muesli for breakfast
  • Nachos for Lunch AND
  • Sushi for Supper.

BUT, not any sushi for our special daughter’s birthday – we took the day off and made fresh sushi at home – there was lots of whistling when we saw that the salmon is more expensive per kilo than crayfish!

You may want to try this at home:

  • Instead of Kewpie Mayonnaise we used Hellmans Light
  • On some of the prawn and crab rolls we added fresh coriander for an eastern twist – quite refreshing
  • For the first time ever I used a rice cooker and it was very successful.
Britany Straton

Happy 18th birthday Binky


Sushi for an army


Sushi – Salmon, Crab, Prawns

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