About Me

You are reading a witty, wise and grammatically correct bio of Alan Straton – at least that is what I would want you to believe!

I am not one able to blow his own trumpet so your imagination will have to suffice.

As the creator of the My range of web publications I use this space to experiment with more personal types of publications and distribution networks – just to keep my hand in for the occasional web site that I condescend to create for people who beg and like to take abuse from an opinionated old fart such as I!

Are we feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

Or, as my late business partner always used to say at the most tension filled moments; “Are we having fun yet?”

Married to the love of my life, Glynnis (The Longhair) and with two great children; Philip (The Kangaroo) and Brittany (The Apprentice Longhair) – if not working then to be found HERE having a Fanta Brown.

Visit my office and see what happens there: MyPE | MyCapeTown …………  and a whole lot more.

Alan Straton

Alan Straton hisself. Image: Mike Holmes