Advice to SA’s Job Seeking Matrics

With hundreds of thousands of South African matrics being released onto the job market one wonders just how the “I got more than 30%” jobless will find a job.

Maybe our education department could add a ‘How to video and upload your CV to YouTube’ module to the compulsory Life Orienation subject.

Recruitment specialist Hello My Name Is… (HMNI) recently questioned hundreds of UK business leaders to ascertain what makes one CV more engaging than another and discovered that candidates uploading a video accompaniment alongside their CV that have the edge. “While the technology for video applications has been in place for some time, only now are candidates taking full advantage of this option, which in turn has given recruiters a real appetite for innovative applications,” said Jonathan Flint, joint managing director of HMNI with partner James Hyde. “As such we predict a video accompaniment will be an essential part of applying for a job in 2014.”

HMNI predict that video accompaniment to traditional CV is set to be a key trend in recruitment in 2014 as 70% employers admit CVs no longer enough to differentiate between candidates

Of the few YouTube job seeking videos that I viewed the one by Benjamin Gilson really caught my eye. Benjamin is looking for a job in video or digital media and the soundtrack featured one of my favourite Elvis Presley songs – A Little Less Conversation.

Watch and learn:

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